(Titan Books, �9.99)

WHO is Nemi Montoya? Readers of national freesheet Metro might recognise the twenty-something goth from her daily appearances, but she’s actually better known in her native Norway and in Europe, where she is considered a comic strip superstar.

Created by Lise Myhre, she is an outspoken, confrontational modern woman with a dark sense of humour and strong vegetarian beliefs, but with a fear of growing up and a certain child-like innocence about her.

Her adventures inevitably involve the usual trials and tribulations of modern day life, including one-night stands, chocolate binges, politics and contemporary culture, and include frequent references to her love of heavy rock music and personal heroes ranging from Edgar Allen Poe and HP Lovecraft to Darth Vader and Batman.

This is the fourth collection of Lise’s Nemi strips, and long-term fans will need no persuading when it comes to picking up her latest volume. But if you haven’t sampled Nemi yet, then there’s nothing here which will prevent you from immersing yourself in her world for an hour or so, with an easy accessibility and lack of major continuity helping things along.