EXTRA-SPECIAL presents were delivered to proud parents at Lister Hospital this year, with couples from Comet country welcoming the arrival of their babies on Christmas Day.

One new mother had cause for a triple celebration when her 7lbs 10oz daughter was born, as it was the same date that she herself was born two decades ago.

Nicole Parisi, 20, of Strathmore Avenue in Hitchin, went into labour in the early hours of Christmas Day and gave birth to her first child Priya Parisi-Medahar 14 hours later at 4.26pm.

It meant that on the day of her daughter’s birth she also celebrated her own birthday and Christmas, despite the odds of that being one in 133,000.

“Priya was due on Christmas Day, which makes it even more extraordinary, as the midwife said only four per cent of babies are born on their due date,” said Nicole.

“We’re going to have our Christmas Day on New Year’s Day instead. We are having all the family round, and will have a Christmas dinner and more presents.”

Priya is the first child for Nicole and partner Prabpal Medahar, 18.


Another young couple said that the birth of their 9lbs 1oz baby born on Christmas Day was “the best present” they could wish for.

Riley Dean Irving is the first child of Latisha Davies, 19, and boyfriend Matthew Irving, 24.

He was born in the early hours of Christmas morning in the new maternity unit at Lister Hospital, Stevenage.

Miss Davies, 19, said: “It was really good. The midwife I had was amazing.”

Baby Riley is the fifth generation Davies currently alive and his mother says that members of her family are pleased with the new arrival.

She said: “My great nan hasn’t seen him yet but she’s really pleased that she will get to see her great great grandchild.”


A family who hail from Slovakia had an extra special present for visiting relatives, as they welcomed their new baby on Christmas Day.

Gabriele Mikleticova, 29, and her partner David Haraya, 37, of Cuttys Lane in Stevenage, are now proud parents to 6lbs 8oz Julia, born at 9pm on Christmas night, as their grandparents flew in from Slovakia just in time for the occasion.

New-born Julia is the couple’s second child and has a one-and-a-half-year-old sister, Emilia, to grow up with.

Gabriele said: “It was a surprise, but a nice present.

“The first one I had was difficult, but Julia was very calm.

“I was quite happy about it as my parents came up for Christmas to help and they leave in two weeks, so I wouldn’t have been happy if it was overdue!”

Emilia is intrigued by her new sister.

Gabriele added: “I’ve tried to explain and she keeps coming and looking at her but doesn’t really understand, so I will explain when she’s a bit older.”


The father of a new-born Christmas baby told The Comet how happy his new arrival has made him and his girlfriend.

George, the first child of Liam Corcoran and Beth Davis, of Park Close, Baldock was born at around 4am on Christmas morning and weighed in at a healthy 8lbs 5oz.

Mr Corcoran, 31, said: “It’s just a great Christmas present for us really.

“He was due on Christmas Eve so he pretty much came on time.”

Miss Davis, 21, was in labour for nearly five hours in Lister Hospital’s new maternity ward, and Mr Corcoran said: “It was lovely, the new maternity ward is really nice.

“The birth was really good and it was a great experience.”