A THREE-LEGGED Stevenage mongrel found on a rubbish tip will be showing the pedigree pooches at Crufts he is top dog next month.

Douglas, the remarkable mascot for crime prevention initiative Stevenage Dog Watch, will be appearing at the most famous dog show in the world to show off his agility skills.

A rescue dog, Douglas was found limping and foraging on a rubbish tip by council workers. They took him to a vet who amputated his leg after discovering it had been smashed in several places with a flat object, probably a shovel.

Now fully recovered, the greyhound-Staffordshire bull terrier cross has gone from being terrified of people to work as a therapy dog in hospices and hospitals.

He will take on an agility course at Crufts with Stevenage police inspector Steve Hague as part of the televised event on Thursday March 10.

“I am really privileged to be working with Douglas at Crufts,” Steve said.

“He’s not just a fantastic dog but also a brilliant mascot for Dog Watch.

“It’s a great opportunity to take part in such a famous event and it gives the constabulary the chance to highlight the great community crime prevention work it does.”

Douglas’s owner, Sarah Sheldrick who coordinates over 1,000 dog walkers in the town to look out for crime, said that despite only having three legs, he is very sure footed.

“Douglas’s speed and competence is absolutely amazing. He can jump over four feet without any problems and I’m sure he’ll do us proud on the day.”

Douglas was adopted by Sarah from the Blue Cross and was asked to take part in Crufts by the animal charity. He will be appearing in the main arena at 12.20pm as part of an event for rescue dogs.

Sarah, who lives in Chells, added: “It shows how an animal from a really traumatic background can respond really well to being placed in a loving home. His achievements really are fantastic and I’m so proud of him.”

To become a member of the Dog Watch scheme go to www.stevenagedogwatch.org