MUSIC lovers flocked to Comet country’s only record shop last weekend to get their hands on limited edition vinyl and catch five live acts as part of an international musical celebration.

The special sale and performances at David’s Music, in Letchworth GC, were organised as part of Record Store Day, held annually on the third Saturday of April, which aims to promote independent music shops.

Andy Oaten, the shop’s manager, said: “It’s amazing, it was perfect really from start to finish.

“We all got there at seven and there was nearly 50 people queuing outside the shop.

“We got the kettle on did some coffee and toast and went out and talked to them about the products.”

David’s Music opened at 8am for the event but Mr Oaten says the collector at the front of the queue had been there since 5am, which had grown to around 100 before the store opened.

The October Game, DJ Malc, Richy Pitch, Sean O’Hagan and The Scratch all performed sets, throughout the day until the store closed at 6pm.

Mr Oaten said that Record Store Day is becoming a major event for the store and did a number of interviews for radio on the day.

He said: “The tills were ringing, everyone seemed happy and the shop did well.

“People are coming along supporting us, it turned out brilliantly in the end.”