A window cleaner has joined the small army of camped protestors occupying the area outside St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

James Albury, 34, of Stevenage has been camping out for “four or five” nights in the week to draw attention to what he said is a government “corruption” of capitalism.

The former Heathcote School student said the media has misinterpreted the occupation - arguing it is part of a “movement” rather than an anti-capitalist protest - despite banners to the contrary around the site.

He said: “It’s hard to encapsulate what the occupation movement is in a few sentences, but from my own perspective, I am a self-employed window cleaner – describing the occupation as some sort of anti-capitalist movement is not correct.

“The idea that it is just a load of lazy students is just not right.

“I’m not anti-capitalist. I’m against this corrupt form of capitalism. If my business were to fail I couldn’t go to the government and get a bail out. I can see no reason why a great big corporate bank cannot be allowed to fail. If they made poor decisions you cannot expect the tax payer to bail them out.”

He added that Stevenage could soon see a similar occupation. “I have spoken to lots of people. There is support for it,” he said.