A SUPERMARKET has been selling baby milk several months out of date to its customers.

Hitchin Asda has sold the out of date Cow and Gate Growing Up Milk to at least one couple, and there are concerns that more people may have bought it without knowing.

Sharon Lamport contacted the Comet, after she bought two packs for 18-month-old daughter Yasmin from the supermarket. Both were out of date - one by six weeks and the other by nearly five months.

“We were shocked to make this discovery, especially buying products in good faith from a well known retailer,” she said.

“It is a product for young toddlers who would not be able to say something if it tasted off or different.

“I was outraged. We didn’t have any other milk in the house as we made the discovery late at night, so had to put her (Yasmin) down to bed on juice.”

Miss Lamport bought the product on April 20. Her partner, Glenn Taylor, noticed that it was out of date one week later.

The date on one of the bottles was November 28 of last year, and the other was March 15.

As well as taking the product back to the store, a complaint was passed onto the Asda head office. But Miss Lamport is concerned that more people may have bought the product and are using it without realising it’s out of date.

“We’ve complained and although they were just as shocked, they didn’t seem to be rushing to put up a notice to warn customers about the date of purchase and that other bottles may have been out of date,” she added.

The supermarket refunded Miss Lamport’s total bill and apologised for the mistake.

A spokesman said: “We take any complaint about baby products extra-seriously, and have moved quickly to investigate this how this could have happened.”