THE tradition of “Day of…” stories is a long one in science fiction and fantasy, including Day of the Triffids, Day of the Dead and for Who itself, Day of the Daleks and Day of the Moon, so this latest audio exclusive is in good company.

The Doctor, Amy and Rory arrive in 1982, but to a far different version of reality than the one they expect. The TARDIS lands inside the tunnels of a British nuclear bunker in the middle of an atomic war, and stumble across the dead body of a soldier, killed by something ominous lurking in the shadows.

The time travellers not only find themselves having to deal with the threat of the eponymous cockroaches, but also work out how history could have gone so askew…

Perhaps the story as a whole was never going to live up to its almost perfect beginning, but this is still one of the strongest Who audios in a long, long, time, with an adventure that fuses scares and mystery with humour and entertainment in equal doses.

Rory actor Arthur Darvill is the narrator for this particular release, and he not only admirably captures the characters of Amy and the Doctor, reflecting their delivery and vocal quirks, but also delivers the story with style, pace and enthusiasm, adding to the overall listening experience for this adventure.