A WOMAN running in the Olympic Torch Relay has had her torch removed from an auction site weeks ahead of the event.

Stefanie Daniels, 32, who is running the Stevenage leg of the national 70-day route on July 8 had put her torch, its stand and the official running uniform on eBay.

Mrs Daniels initially had a starting price of �50,000 on Monday but after failing to receive any bids dropped it to �500 on Tuesday. The auction was due to end on Saturday but the items were taken down on Tuesday afternoon.

Mrs Daniels of Borehamwood, who was chosen to carry the torch for her charity work with orphaned children in South Africa and cancer charities in the UK, said she was selling the torch as it is something she does not require.

Stevenage resident John Mayor who is also running the town leg said it was up to individual participants if they want to sell their torch.

“I won’t be selling mine and I think there seems to be a bit of a rush to sell the torch. I think it is a bit sad that people who have not taken part in the relay will get their hands on it. I can’t believe the price people are prepared to pay for it and I think eventually the torch will lose its value.”

A spokesman for London 2012 said: “The torches are the torchbearers’ to do what they want with. We hope they find a good home.”