A COUPLE have uncovered an unusual find at the bottom of their garden.

Husband and wife David and Val Leal-Bennett from Hitchin discovered what looked like eight large blackberries when clearing their garden.

However, on further inspection, the round jagged-edged balls were hard, dark and purple in colour on the outside and white on the inside.

Mr Leal-Bennett, of The Avenue, said: “On lifting a large oak half-barrel, used for planting, my wife and I discovered what looked like some very large blackberries.

“Even though my wife is a garden designer, we were not sure if they were truffles, but on checking the internet it was clear that they were just that.

“While expensive at �200 per kilo, we think they are worth about �30.”

After cleaning the truffles, Mr Leal-Bennett and his wife tried one.

He said: “They tasted nutty and like mushrooms. Apparently they were too early to have been picked and you are not meant to pick them until October or November.”

This is the first time in 15 years the couple have found truffles in their garden.

Mr Leal-Bennett said: “We have put the truffles back and we have seen several recipe ideas, but would welcome any other suggestions and would also like to know if anyone else has discovered any in their garden.”