AN 81-YEAR-OLD was so unhappy with his quick consultation at the Surgicentre he asked his GP to refer him for a second opinion.

Stevenage man Derek Brookes has problems with both retinas and struggles to see more than a few feet in front of him, relying on his wife of over 50 years Janet, to be his eyes.

Mr Brookes was told to simply come back in three months when he visited the opthalmology department on the Lister Hosptial site.

Unhappy with the outcome, he went back to his GP, who referred him to Moorfields Hospital in London and his treatment began immediately.

Mr Brookes said: “When I got to Moorfields I was put straight on the laser machine.

“They now describe my eyes as stable, but something could have been done sooner.

“My eyesight has got gradually worse. I can’t see the paper, I’ve had to give up my car. The damage has already been done.

“If I’d have gone to Moorfields in the first place it may have improved.”