The Voice star Aleks Josh said he is hungry to get a record deal with the help of his new EP out today – and promises a show in his hometown soon.

The Stevenage finalist in the BBC singing talent contest in the Spring, released five original songs on Monday on iTunes which he said are for the fans, but also to attract the interest of record labels.

The 18-year-old has worked with songwriters and producers on the recordings including French singer Sophie Delila, Ben Cullum who co-writes with his brother Jamie, Matt Marston who has written for artists including Tyler James, and Number 1 Oops Daisy writer Talay Riley.

Since The Voice, Aleks who is managed by LAMM, has supported The Wanted and Olly Murs, and played the London circuit, as well as releasing a video on YouTube for the Bossa Nova influenced soul track Cruise.

Speaking the morning after a Borderline gig in London on Friday, Aleks said: “The EP is for the fans really. It’s to keep everyone in touch with what I’m doing. It’s all my own original stuff, either co-written or I wrote them.

Aleks said he has returned to his first love jazz and swing, but there are also folk and pop songs on the EP.

“It’s a taste of what’s to come. I’ve been working in the studio – I’m in there three or four times a week with various different producers.

“I’m trying to get my face around, trying to achieve it now. The Voice was great publicity, now I’m about getting it.

“I just want to see the EP do well and take that to labels and say that’s what I can do.”

Fans may be able to see Aleks perform soon in Comet country, with the singer planning on doing a Stevenage gig.