A FAST food chain is being targeted by vandals, who have damaged several of the company’s delivery vehicles.

Delivery cars belonging to Domino’s Pizza in Hitchin have been vandalised while being parked on Fishponds Road and Baliol Road overnight.

The incidents began during the summer, and continued in the weeks following.

The rear lights were broken on three cars, and paint was thrown over two. Glue has also been put on one of the car’s windscreens.

A spokesman for the chain said: “The franchisee of the store has reported all incidents to the police and is working with them to find the perpetrators.

“The cars are essential to the franchisee’s business and we are saddened that these incidents have taken place.”

Herts Police told the Comet that it did not believe the vandals had specifically been targeting the chain.

A spokesman added: “We are continuing to investigate these incidents and we are continuing to patrol the areas at specific times, when pubs are shutting in particular.

“Anyone with information can contact us. We take reports like these extremely seriously.”