AS TIME runs out for the owner of the �64m EuroMillions ticket, the Comet has taken a look back at other lucky lottery winners in the area.

Although there have been no other known EuroMillions jackpot winners in Comet country, there has been some National Lottery success, with the St Nicholas area of Stevenage producing three winners over the past decade.

One of those was Sharon Creighton who, in 2005, won �8.8m.

Speaking to the Comet this week, her son, James, said: “I can’t imagine how you’d be feeling if you knew you’d won all that money but couldn’t claim.

“I was actually speaking about this with my girlfriend the other day. You’d feel awful.”

James, who lives in Stevenage Old Town, also spoke about the effect his mum’s lottery win had.

“None of us really changed in person,” he said.

“It was a change in lifestyle, really. We went on holiday, bought cars and travelled places, and it obviously opened new doors. But we’re still the same people.

“I think you find out who your true friends really are.”

Other Comet country lottery winners include two former Stevenage Ripon Road residents – just one street away from where Sharon and James lived.

Darren Nash scooped the jackpot on Christmas Eve 2005, while Kerri Cartwright won in 2007.

A year ago, a syndicate from The Bull Inn in Whitwell split �127,000 after matching five numbers and the bonus ball in a National Lottery draw, and a EuroMillions prize of more than �50,000 was claimed in North Herts in September, following an appeal.

• The missing EuroMillions ticket was for the draw on June 8, of this year. The winning numbers are 5, 11, 22, 34, 40, and the Lucky Star numbers are 9 and 11.