A man who bit off a man’s nose in a nightclub attack has been sentenced to eight years in prison.

Lee Fitzgerald, 30, of Denton Road, Stevenage was in the smoking area of Chicago’s on Stevenage Leisure Park in December last year, when he tried to enter into conversation with a 20-year-old man before grabbing him and biting off the front part of his nose.

Detective Constable Barry Townsend said: “This was a violent, unprovoked attack and it is right that the prison sentence given to Lee Fitzgerald reflects the seriousness of the crime. I would like to thank those who supported the police investigation and subsequent trial in seeking justice.”

Other violent offences were also taken into account by Judge Jonathan Haworth in his sentencing at Cambridge Crown Court on Wednesday, including an ABH, and a having a blade on Wigram Way in May.