A new play commissioned by Mayor of Stevenage Sherma Batson and Stevenage Arts Guild has proved such a hot ticket that another performance has already been arranged before it has even been staged.

Lady Connie And The Suffragettes by Ros Connelly will have its premiere at Knebworth Barns on Sunday, March 8, to celebrate International Women’s Day. It explores the role of Lady Constance Lytton, who once lived at Knebworth House, in the suffragette movement a century ago.

Historian Katherine Connelly will also be giving a talk about the suffragette movement to set Lady Constance’s role in its wider context.

The evening performance has already sold out, so another show has been arranged for 3pm.

Arts Guild chair Hilary Spiers said: “It will be an afternoon and evening of moving drama and inspiring history.” If you’d like to be there, contact Hilary Spiers (johnhilary1@virginmedia.com or 01438 350217).