Critically-acclaimed theatre company Greyscale bring a new production with an intriguing take on the family dynamic to Letchworth on Thursday.

Gods Are Fallen And All Safety Gone, which is being staged at Letchworth Arts Centre, borrows its title from John Steinbeck’s East of Eden and explores a universal moment of realisation – when a child eventually recognises their parents as fellow human beings.

Although the much-praised show from one of the UK’s foremost contemporary theatre companies is performed by two male actors, it presents a lifetime of conversations between a thirtysomething daughter and her aging mother.

The frank and familiar exchanges between the two generations eventually reveal the truth of their seemingly tense relationship.

Arts centre manager Maria Iredale said: “This is a touching piece of theatre from a wonderful theatre company that seeks to explore the complex and unique nature of family dynamics.

“It’s a great show to go to with your family as it will no doubt lead to some lively after-show discussions.”

Newcastle-based Greyscale specialises in carefully structured, powerful political theatre. The show starts at 8pm and is recommended for audiences aged 14 and over.Tickets are £12, or £10 in advance.

Call 01462 670788 or visit to find out more.