There’s philosophy front and centre in the next ‘meet the author’ event arranged by Letchworth’s David’s Bookshop.

In his latest work Freedom Regained, Julian Baggini blends philosophy, neuroscience, sociology and cognitive science, and draws on scientific research and fascinating encounters with expert witnesses – including artists, addicts, political dissidents, geneticists and neuroscientists – to bring the issues raised by the possibilities and denials of free will vividly to life.

Contemporary thinking tells us that free will is an illusion, but Baggini challenges this position in a smart and engaging exploration of the concept of free will from one of Britain’s most respected and popular philosophers.

Tickets for the event on Tuesday, April 14, which begins at 7.30pm, are £4, which can be deducted from the cost of the paperback book (£14.99) if purchased on the evening.

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