As part of a six-month UK tour, Thingumajig Theatre present the much-loved Hans Christian Anderson classic Ugly Duckling at Letchworth Arts Centre o on Thursday.

Ugly Duckling promises to be a captivating experience for families, as they join in the adventures of this famous underdog on her journey of transformation.

It features Thingumajig Theatre’s signature style – beautiful puppet characters, live music, captivating story-telling and a generous sprinkling of theatre magic.

Arts centre manager Maria Iredale said: “Thingumajig Theatre make heart-warming, imaginative theatre shows.

“I’m looking forward to seeing them apply their special blend of theatre magic to this timeless story.”

Thingumajig Theatre is a visual theatre company based in West Yorkshire, which specialises in creating interactive giant puppets and innovative puppet plays. The company has performed in Ireland, Denmark, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Hungary, USA and Korea.

The show starts at 2pm. Tickets are £6 for children and £8 for adults. The show is recommended for children aged five years and over. Call 01462 670788 or visit to find out what else is in store are the venue.