They used to say that comedy was the new rock and roll, but that doesn’t mean the two genres can’t rub along together.

Nobody knows that better than Jasper Carrott, who first came to national fame with a novelty hit – Funky Moped sold shedloads because of the naughty Magic Roundabout skit on the B-side.

According to the promoters, Jasper Carrott’s Stand Up & Rock with the Bev Bevan Band and Guests, coming to Stevenage’s Gordon Craig Theatre this weekend, does exactly what it says on the poster.

You get the amiable but sometimes exasperated Brummie regaling the audience with stand-up before he steps aside after introducing the musical main event.

Bev Bevan and Jasper are Brum buddies, and Bev – a man with impeccable rock credentials including The Move and ELO – has assembled a top class band, many of whom also have West Midlands roots, to entertain any audience that wants a mix of laughs and hot licks.

Saturday night’s show starts at 7.30pm, tickets are £27. Call 01438 363200 to check on availability, or visit the website at