There’s a secret surprise in store at this weekend’s Rhythms of the World festival – and nobody will know the full details until the last minute.

The hush-hush highlight is a pop-up disco which will go into action each evening in a secret location on site.

Fans will have to keep their eyes open and their social media senses sharpened to make sure they don’t miss out on what organisers promise will be an exciting alternative attraction to the live music, serving up a no holds-barred disco experience.

The man behind the project is Tim Star who said. “I’ve been involved in Rhythms in various capacities for around 15 years, and have always contributed to creative projects throughout the festival.

“This year I wanted to do something slightly different, more musically orientated, as an addition to the main music programme.

“I’ve been DJing for around 20 years, and have always been influenced the vibe, the music and the people of New York’s legendary Paradise Garage and I wanted to bring a bit of it to a tent in a field in leafy Hitchin”

Festival goers can expect a funky mix of disco and pop ranging from the 1970s up to the 1990s – there will be everything from James Brown to Michael Jackson, Sister Sledge to Chic on the playlist.

Tim added: “We’ve got a real mix of different DJs this year, from odd-pop troupe Disco Zhivago, Rob Hague from S*M*A*S*H, and urban street trio Three’s a Crowd plus myself – it should be a really good evening!

“We’ll be able to play any vinyl people have at home, so if anyone wants anything played they should bring it down with them!”

The location of the disco will be kept a closely-guarded secret until Saturday afternoon, and music kicks off from 8pm Saturday, and 7.30pm Sunday.

You can find out the full festival programme online at, follow on Twitter @ROTWfestival for the latest developments and also check out the ‘rotwfestival’ page on Facebook.