Letchworth’s Standalone Farm will be tripping the lights fantastic to mark Hallowe’en next week.

Families will be able to experience the popular Wilbury Road attraction in a whole new light as artists pa-BOOM! weave their magic.

They will be creating a fire garden installation to transform the grounds into a glowing landscape of flaming sculptures and pathways on the evenings of Friday and Saturday, October 30 and 31.

The pa-BOOM! team specialise in designing fire and light installations and promise a series of beautiful flaming fireballs, burning metal sculptures – pictured right – and cascading metal fountains that blend with the farm’s natural setting, with visitors guided by a trail of fiery pathways and a procession of paper lanterns.

Families can get involved by joining in the lantern making workshops at the farm which start on Wednesday next week.

These form part of a week-long programme of half-term activities and children who attend will be invited to take part in the lantern procession each evening.

Events begin at Standalone Farm on Monday when visual artist Jane Glynn will be helping families animate the Firebird.

And on Tuesday and Friday next week, the Fire and Fright Poets read original poems fit for the fireside and run drop-in workshops to inspire families to forge your own fire poetry.

While for Hallowe’en on Saturday, October 31, storyteller Kathryn Holt will be weaving magical tales to bring the Firebird to life, introduce fire tales of Native American tribes and Greek myths.

Letchworth Arts and Culture creative director Marc Collett said: “What I like most about pa-BOOM! is their ability to design stunning installations which respond to their environment.

“They always bring something new and different to each space that they explore. I can’t wait to see their spectacular fire sculptures.

“The Fire Garden also features a beautiful lantern parade at the start of the evening that will include all the children who took part in the pa-BOOM! lantern workshops.

“It’s the perfect chance for all members of the family to get together and have a fun night out.”

The pa-BOOM! team of artists, sculptors, designers and technicians have worked with some of the biggest festivals in the country – find out more about their work online at www.pa-boom.com.