What’s a man who could once count on TV viewers in their millions doing coming to a small comedy club in Hitchin next week? Still working, that’s what, and if you’ve never seen Paul Daniels live this is an opportunity not to be missed.

You might not believe it, but the one-time king of prime time light entertainment – as both magician and quiz show host – is now 77 years old.

But he still loves the buzz of working an audience and, as the taste for showbiz sleight of hand has moved in recent years from sparkle to street, he’s adapted with the times.

He was always known for his polished patter and catchphrases, and his way with punters, so it wasn’t a huge step to put more emphasis on the chuckles.

The delighted organisers of November’s Mostly Comedy date at the town’s Market Theatre next Thursday, November 19, claim that their headliner is the most famous act yet to grace the club – and considering some of the A-list names who have appeared there, that’s saying something.

It’s a long way from London’s West End, Las Vegas and Broadway, but you can get up close and personal from 9pm – the show’s already sold out, but if you turn up when the bar opens at 8.15pm you might be able to snag a return.

Cult Australian comic Bec Hill provides support – she’s built a name for herself in the northern hemisphere thanks to YouTube hit videos, and is known for incorporating arts and crafts into her stand-up routines, creating a unique style she calls’paper-puppetry’.

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