He may have passed on more than a decade ago, but The Man In Black still casts a long shadow.

Johnny Cash packed a lot into his 71 years, with a turbulent home life and a rollercoaster career memorably captured in the hit 2005 film Walk the Line.

And by the time he breathed his last he was firmly established as a legend of popular music, topping the charts again and hailed as a formative influence by many of today’s top names.

So it’s no surprise that there’s still an appetite for touring shows that pay tribute to the great man’s sound in the most appropriate way – live, and loud, and with a swagger and a bit of a sneer.

Heading to Stevenage’s Gordon Craig Theatre at the end of the month is an officially endorsed roadshow which has the backing of the great man’s estate.

A spokesman for the show said: “This is gold standard, fire-cracking entertainment from the first note, delivering an inspired set of cherished numbers with impeccable rhythmic pace.”

Clive John is the man charged with capturing the essence of Cash and he has won praise for his deep and distinctive vocals.

And they will be employed to good effect on evergreen hits like Walk the Line, Folsom Prison Blues and A Thing Called Love.

Clive is an artist in his own right, releasing a string of albums, but after friends kept telling him that he sounded like Cash he began to explore the tribute route.

He said: “I don’t see him as just a country legend, as his music brings together all ages and not just the country fans.

“He was a recording artist for a long time, and his music is a bridge across country, folk, rock ‘n’ roll – an amalgamation of all of these and more. He moved across times and genres and his songs have depth and a wholesome feel.”

Also in the programme are dazzling duets with Jill Schoonjan, stepping into the shoes of June Carter – whose life and career were inextricably linked with Cash through both marriage and music.

Martin Bentley (bass), Nick Davis (guitars) and Darren Bazzoni (drums) power the set along and backing vocals by Louise Masters and Amanda Stone add sparkle and glamour.

You can find out more about the band online at www.johnnycashroadshow.com, but they’ll be at the Gordon Craig on Saturday, January 30 – tickets are £21, call 01438 363200 or visit www.gordon-craig.co.uk for full booking details.