There’s an name that’s not for the squeamish on the bill at the next Unicorn Ceilidh session in Baldock.

Providing the music next Friday, April 29, will be Monty’s Maggot.

Barry Goodman will be the caller, and there will be dance from Tappalachian dance in the interval.

Monty’s Maggot features the driving fiddles of Flos Headford and Taz Tarry, the percussive guitar of Keith Holloway, the dynamic melodeon with bite of Jeremy Tozer, and Theresa Jones, Vicky Benjamin and Heather White with baritone sax to underpin everything and tenor sax to round out the sound.

Tappalachian are an exciting step-dance team from St Albans, specialising in a unique style of dance from the Appalachian mountains of the USA.

You’ll be able to savour what both have to offer at St Mary’s Hall in Church Street, with a real ale bar laid on to quench your thirst.

You don’t need to book tickets, as there is bags of room in the modern hall in the grounds of St Mary’s Church.

The evening starts at 8pm, and it’s £10 for adults, £1 less for seniors over 65 and £6 for children under 18.

Students and the unwaged pay £7 but the first six students in the queue before 8pm will get in without paying a penny.