It’s not exactly a whistlestop tour of one-night stands, but Chas & Dave have been in the business for 50 years and counting so they’re entitled to take a more leisurely approach to life on the road these days.

The diamond geezer duo are promoting their first studio album in nearly three decades with a select clutch of dates up and down the country, and although they’re looking to cram in four dates in August and crank that up to six in September, their appearance at Stevenage’s Gordon Craig Theatre next week is their only June booking.

The date circled on their calendar is on Saturday – if you want to be there, visit or call 01438 363200.

Although they are best known for rolling out the Rockney rhythms with a string of novelty hits like Gertcha and Rabbit, Chas & Dave paid their dues as solid session stalwarts during the 1960s.

The new album, That’s What Happens, has seen them return to their roots with a collection of early R&B, skiffle and rock and roll classics alongside new takes on songs of their own and features Albert Lee, Buddy Holly and The Crickets’ drummer J. I Allison, boogie-woogie TV frontman Jools Holland and Hugh Laurie, the A-list actor who has a mean sideline in low down blues.

So it won’t all be The Sideboard Song, Margate and Ain’t No Pleasing You when these senior citizens of the scene take to the stage in Stevenage to serve up their trademark sound, uniquely British and rockin’ to boot, and spread their amiable musical bonhomie and down-to-earth charm.