The breakdown of how Stevenage, North Hertfordshire and Central Bedfordshire voted in the European Parliament elections has been revealed, with the Brexit Party and Liberal Democrats seeing huge gains.

Across the East of England as a whole, the Brexit Party secured three MEP seats with Richard Tice, Michael Heaver and June Mummery heading to Brussels.

The Liberal Democrats now have two MEPs, Herts county councillor Barbara Gibson and Lucy Nethsingha. The Greens and Conservatives also secured one seat each, being represented by Catherine Rowett and Geoffrey van Orden respectively.

These results represent a big change from the region's 2014 result, where UKIP and the Conservatives took three seats and Labour secured the final one.

Based on the 2016 EU referendum result, the European Parliament elections come as no surprise. Both Stevenage and Central Beds had more leave voters three years ago - with the Brexit Party topping the polls in both areas this time around.

As for North Herts, which voted to remain in the referendum, the remain-supporting Liberal Democrats gained the most votes in the latest election.

Turnout for the Eastern region was 36.4 per cent, a marginal decrease from the 36.6 per cent during 2014's previous election.

The breakdown of how Stevenage, North Herts and Central Bedfordshire council areas voted are listed below:

Stevenage Borough Council: (35% turnout)

Brexit Party - 7,636

Labour - 3,890

Liberal Democrats - 3,803

Conservatives - 2,391

Green Party - 2,329

Change UK - 848

UKIP - 767

English Democrats - 143

Independent - 59

North Hertfordshire District Council: (41% turnout)

Liberal Democrats - 12,595

Brexit Party - 10,719

Green Party - 6,149

Conservatives - 4,324

Labour - 3,261

Change UK - 1,640

UKIP - 924

English Democrats - 236

Independent - 132

Central Bedfordshire Council: (36% turnout)

Brexit Party - 27,102

Liberal Democrats - 14,800

Green Party - 9,462

Conservatives - 9,236

Labour - 5,161

Change UK - 3,492

UKIP - 2,938

English Democrats - 420

Independent - 217