A new Oasis documentary film is coming to the cinema to celebrate the Britpop band's Knebworth concerts 25 years ago.

'Oasis Knebworth 1996' is released in cinemas worldwide from Thursday, September 23, 2021.

The Supersonic group famously played two era-defining shows at Knebworth Park in the summer of 1996 – on Saturday, August 10 and Sunday, August 11.

Directed by Grammy Award-winner Jake Scott, this new feature-length documentary includes extensive concert footage.

It is told entirely in the moment through the eyes of the fans who were there, built around never-before-seen archive concert and backstage footage from the event, with additional interviews with the band and concert organisers.

According to the Oasis Knebworth 1996 website, cinema tickets go on sale from Tuesday, August 10 – 25 years to the day since the first night of the two concerts at the Hertfordshire stately home.

Liam Gallagher said: “Knebworth for me was the Woodstock of the 90’s.

"It was all about the music and the people. I can’t remember much about it, but I’ll never forget it. It was Biblical.”

Featuring a setlist packed from beginning to end with stone cold classics, from the opening salvo of Columbia and Acquiesce, all the way to Champagne Supernova, Don’t Look Back In Anger, Live Forever, a triumphant, orchestra backed I Am The Walrus, and the first song from the 1990s to cross one billion streams on Spotify, Wonderwall, the Knebworth concerts were both the pinnacle of the band's success and the landmark gathering for a generation.

Noel Gallagher said: “I can’t believe we never played Rock ‘n’ Roll Star!”

The film will be produced by Black Dog Films. Noel Gallagher and Liam Gallagher will serve as executive producers. It will be financed and distributed by Sony Music Entertainment and released theatrically by Trafalgar Releasing.

Tom Mackay, president, Premium Content at Sony Music Entertainment, said: “We are thrilled to be working with RSA Films and Trafalgar Releasing to bring global audiences an incredible cinematic experience around one of Oasis’s most historic concerts.

"The premiere of Oasis Knebworth 1996 invites generations of fans who weren’t able to attend this iconic show to experience the lasting energy and impact around Oasis’ performance that truly rocked Knebworth 25 years ago.”

Trafalgar Releasing’s Marc Allenby added: "The success and continuing legacy of Oasis defined a generation in a way few bands have throughout music history.

"We are proud to be bringing this celebratory film to cinemas in this special event release, bringing together audiences from all around the world to commemorate the 25th anniversary of these landmark gigs."