House prices across Herts increased by an average rate of 5.3 per cent per year over the last decade, exceeding the UK-wide average of 4.3 per cent.

But which Herts district saw the most substantial annual rate of growth?

According to analysis of Land Registry data by Yes Homebuyers, Hertsmere came out on top with an annual rate of growth of 6.3 per cent, followed by Watford (6.2 per cent), Stevenage (5.8 per cent) and Dacorum (5.6 per cent).

Broxbourne and Three Rivers tied with 5.5 per cent, while Welwyn Hatfield (5.1 per cent), North Hertfordshire (5 per cent), St Albans (4.9 per cent) and East Hertfordshire (4.5 per cent) completed the set.

The East of England was the UK region with the most consistent house price growth outside London over the last decade at 5.1 per cent, behind the capital's 5.9 per cent.

The City of Aberdeen was the only area to record negative movement, with prices falling by an average of -0.9 per cent per year.

The individual area with the highest average annual rate of house price growth was Waltham Forest at 8.5 per cent.

Matthew Cooper, founder and managing director of Yes Homebuyers, said: "A market health check is far more accurate when done over the course of a decade or longer.

"Doing so will help you identify the real property market hotspots, as opposed to those currently masquerading as such with the help of stamp duty fuelled, artificial price increases.”