Festival organisers have revealed the stage times for Slam Dunk 2021.

The pop-punk, ska punk, emo, metal and alternative rock festival returns to the grounds of Hatfield House in Hertfordshire on Sunday, September 5.

Slam Dunk North takes place in Leeds the day before. The delayed 2021 festival will be headlined by Don Broco.

Skindred have been added as special guests in the Jägermeister Tent after Escape The Fate dropped out of Slam Dunk.

Organisers have also revealed that after the bands have finished on all the stages, there will be a special closing DJ set both nights in the Jägermeister Tent. DJs will be Zoe London in Leeds, and Matt Stocks in Hatfield Park.

The Punk in Drublic stage will be headlined by NOFX, with Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls and Alkaline Trio also on the bill.

But organisers have announced Pennywise will no longer be appearing and that Anti-Flag have been added to the line-up in their place.

Slam Dunk posted on its social media channels: "We are sorry to inform you that Pennywise have had to cancel due to covid related difficulties.

"However we are pleased to announce that Anti Flag have agreed to join the line up to take that slot!"

Organisers also say Days N' Daze can no longer make the trip due to a flight change that redirects them through a red list country. They have been replaced by Buster Shuffle.

Matt Stocks will be spinning the tunes in between the bands on the Punk in Drublic stage.

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! will no longer be playing the Key Club Stage as their drummer Bastien has sustained a shoulder injury and has not fully recovered.

The French pop-punk band posted on Instagram: "We would like to thank the Slam Dunk Festival team for their unconditional support and understanding through this difficult decision.

"Make sure to grab your tickets if you haven’t and go support all the amazing bands on the bill!"

Holding Absence, Lizzy Farrall, The Hara and Weatherstate have been added to the Key Club Stages line-up.

The Key Club's special guest headliner has been announced as Boston Manor, with one secret set left to reveal.

Here are the latest stage line-ups and set times announced for Slam Dunk Festival 2021.

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Stage line-up and set times:

  • Don Broco – 8.50pm-10pm
  • Waterparks – 7.35pm-8.20pm
  • State Champs – 6.25pm-7.10pm
  • Mayday Parade – 5.15pm-6pm
  • We Are The In Crowd – 4.10pm-4.50pm
  • Creeper – 3.05pm-3.45pm
  • As It Is – 2.05pm-2.40pm
  • Hellogoodbye – 1.10pm-1.45pm
  • Roam – 12.20pm-12.50pm
  • The Bottom Line – 11.30am-noon.

Jägermeister Tent - 2 stages with no clashes

  • While She Sleeps – 8pm-9pm
  • Bury Tomorrow – 6.55pm-7.55pm
  • Skindred – 6pm-6.50pm
  • Funeral For a Friend – 5.05pm-5.55pm
  • Trash Boat – 4.20pm-5pm
  • Your Demise – 3.40pm-4.20pm
  • Comeback Kid – 3pm-3.40pm
  • Malevolence – 2.25pm-3pm
  • Deez Nuts – 1.45pm-2.20pm
  • Brutality Will Prevail – 1.10pm-1.45pm
  • Loathe – 12.40pm-1.10pm
  • Hacktivist – 12.10pm-12.40pm
  • Blood Youth – 11.40am-12.10pm

Punk in Drublic Stage


  • NOFX – 8.55pm-10pm
  • Alkaline Trio – 7.35pm-8.25pm
  • Anti-Flag – 6.35pm-7.15pm
  • The Skints – 5.35pm-6.15pm
  • Zebrahead – 4.35pm-5.15pm
  • Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls – 3.25pm-4.15pm
  • Capdown – 2.25pm-3.05pm
  • Snuff – 1.25pm-2.05pm
  • The Baboon Show – 12.35pm-1.05pm
  • Buster Shuffle – 11.45am-12.15pm.


  • NOFX – 8.55pm-10pm
  • Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls – 7.35pm-8.25pm
  • Alkaline Trio – 6.25pm-7.15pm
  • Anti-Flag – 5.25pm-6.05pm
  • The Skints – 4.25pm-5.05pm
  • Zebrahead – 3.25pm-4.05pm
  • Capdown – 2.25pm-3.05pm
  • Snuff – 1.25pm-2.05pm
  • Buster Shuffle – 12.35pm-1.05pm
  • The Baboon Show – 11.45am-12.15pm.

The Key Club Stages - 2 stages with no clashes


Left Stage

  • Boston Manor – 8.20pm-8.55pm
  • Normandie – 7.05pm-7.35pm
  • Vukovi – 5.55pm-6.25pm
  • Wargasm – 4.45pm-5.15pm
  • Popes of Chillitown – 3.35pm-4.05pm
  • A – 2.25pm-2.55pm
  • Weatherstate – 1.15pm-1.45pm
  • The Hara – 12.05pm-12.35pm.

Right Stage

  • Holding Absence – 7.40pm-8.15pm
  • [spunge] – 6.30pm-7pm
  • Lizzy Farrall – 5.20pm-5.50pm
  • Static Dress – 4.10pm-4.40pm
  • NoahFinnce – 3pm-3.30pm
  • Secret Special Guest (TBC) – 1.50pm-2.20pm
  • Doll Skin –12.40pm-1.10pm
  • For You The Moon – 11.30am-noon.


Left Stage

  • Boston Manor – 8.20pm-8.55pm
  • Vukovi – 7.05pm-7.35pm
  • Normandie – 5.55pm-6.25pm
  • A – 4.45pm-5.15pm
  • Wargasm – 3.35pm-4.05pm
  • Weatherstate – 2.25pm-2.55pm
  • The Hara – 1.15pm-1.45pm
  • Popes of Chillitown – 12.05pm-12.35pm.

Right Stage

  • Holding Absence – 7.40pm-8.15pm
  • Static Dress – 6.30pm-7pm
  • [spunge]– 5.20pm-5.50pm
  • Secret Special Guest (TBC) – 4.10pm-4.40pm
  • Lizzy Farrall – 3pm-3.30pm
  • Doll Skin – 1.50pm-2.20pm
  • NoahFinnce –12.40pm-1.10pm
  • For You The Moon – 11.30am-noon.

Slam Dunk Festival North 2021 takes place at Leeds' Temple Newsam on Saturday, September 4.

Slam Dunk Festival South 2021 is set for Hatfield Park in Herts on Sunday, September 5.