With help from readers, we've compiled a list of some of the prettiest streets in our North Herts towns - from big market squares to winding hidden gems.

1. Sun Street, Hitchin

Hitchin's Sun Street is in the historic quarter of the town, and is known for its independent businesses as well as being celebrated each summer on Bucklersbury and Sun Street Day.

2. Princes Mews, Royston

One reader chose the walkway between Upper King Street to Princes Mews as one of the prettiest places in Royston, due to its "lovely row of cottages on one side, and old barn on the other."

3. Broadway Gardens, Letchworth

Broadway Gardens, perhaps best recognised for its iconic fountain, was developed based on the vision of Ebenezer Howard, who was responsible for the principals and designs of the world's first Garden City.

4. Market Place, Hitchin

With its wide town square, Hitchin's Market Place took on a new lease of life last summer as lockdown restrictions eased, with the introduction of more alfresco dining.

5. Green Drift, Royston

Green Drift is aptly named for its tree and hedge lined streets, and was picked out by two different readers as one of the prettiest streets in Royston.

6. Willian Road, Letchworth

Willian Road is best known as the home of award-winning country pub The Fox at Willian, as well as Willian Road fishing pond.

7. Bucklersbury, Hitchin

Bucklersbury and Sun Street Day originated as just Bucklersbury Day, celebrating this historic street and drawing crowds from far and wide.

8. Gower Road, Royston

One reader described Gower Road as 'largely unspoiled', with houses lining the wide street and an array of beautiful front gardens.

9. Leys Avenue, Letchworth

Leys Avenue is full of shops and restaurants, with wide pavements perfect for pedestrians and a vibrant water feature.

10. High Street, Hitchin

Hitchin's High Street was named as a finalist in the Great British High Street Awards in 2019 for its thriving businesses and sense of community, with the bunting giving the street a festive feel.

11. Copperfields, Royston

This little, winding road is full of beautiful homes and front gardens, tucked away from the traffic of Baldock Road

12. The Wynd, Letchworth

One of the hidden gems of Letchworth Garden City, The Wynd's tree-lined avenue is home to a number of independent shops and eateries, as well as the Garden City Brewery.

13. Churchyard, Hitchin

A tiny, cobbled street, Churchyard leads into Churchyard Walk and towards St Mary's Church, which is the largest parish church in Hertfordshire - the present building of which dates back to the 14th and 15th centuries.

14. Butchers Baulk, Royston

Butchers Baulk is an unusually-named footway which stands out from the other choices on this list. Although perhaps not pretty in the traditional sense, this ivy-lined path is certainly atmospheric.

15. Church Street, Baldock

Named for St Mary's Parish Church, this street features beautiful ivy-covered buildings. The church itself is a Grade I listed building.

16. Hermitage Road, Hitchin

Hermitage Road is one of the main business areas in Hitchin, and home to the annual Hermitage Road Day - which celebrates local shops with an array of live music, street entertainment and food.

17. Sun Street, Baldock

Sun Street is a little, narrow road in Baldock, home of The Victoria Inn and with a glimpse of St Mary's Parish Church at the end.