Looking to enhance your home, but worried that the outlay won't have been worth it when you come to sell?

According to research by MoveStreets, a garden office will give your home's resale value the biggest boost.

While the average UK garden office costs almost £9,000, it will add 8.4 per cent (or £22,739) to your property's value – an increase of £13,752 once the cost of the work is accounted for.

A garage conversion is almost as profitable, with costs of £14,500 resulting in £27,071 being added to the future asking price, meaning £12,571 profit.

And while a kitchen revamp would typically cost around £8,500 to complete, it would increase the value of your home by almost £15,000 – a £6,300 gain.

Other areas where value can be added include a conservatory (£6,000 profit), redecorating (£5,500), a new boiler (£2,600), a bathroom upgrade (£2,000), new double glazing (£1,500) and a roof replacement (£892).

Surprisingly, garden landscaping stands to result in a gain of just £40.

And while a loft conversion and solar panels will add internal space and enhance your eco credentials, you stand to make a loss if you sell up soon after adding either to your home.

According to MoveStreets, solar panels would add £1,354 – a dip in actual added value of -£4,521.

Loft conversions offer the biggest loss, however: at an estimated average cost of £34,500, the extra space would add £29, 236 – a loss in actual added value of -£5,264.