A new energy price cap - which will see an almost £700 per year hike for millions of households - has come in from today.

The new price cap will see average increases in fuel bills of around £693 - or 54 per cent - from £1,277 to £1,971 per year and this will hit people hard, especially those on low incomes, the elderly and families who will be left with some stark choices in the coming weeks and months.

Along with the increase in costs at the petrol pumps - with petrol at nearly £1.67 a litre and diesel at £1.79 both record highs for the UK - and inflation soaring by 6.2 per cent, this means many families in our areas will be feeling the pinch in the coming months.

An added 1.25 per cent increase to National Insurance contributions will also be implemented for some from April 6.

With prices and taxes increasing, we'd like to hear your thoughts and concerns on the cost of living. Are you struggling? Have you used a foodbank? Have you had to cut back on some items, and if so, what?