A popular Hertfordshire zoo features in the second series of CBBC programme One Zoo Three.

Paradise Wildlife Park and its sister site, The Big Cat Sanctuary, both feature in the new series of One Zoo Three on CBBC and BBC iPlayer from Monday, July 11.

Join the Whitnall brothers, Aaron, Tyler and Cam, on CBBC at 5.35pm on July 11 as they take on some new wild adventures around Paradise Wildlife Park.

This brand-new series will also introduce PWP's sister charity, The Big Cat Sanctuary based in Ashford, Kent, which houses the largest collection of big cats in the UK.

The brothers and their team of amazing keepers across both sites are ready to show you how they provide the best quality welfare for endangered species and how they are implementing ambitious improvements coming to both Paradise Wildlife Park in White Stubbs Lane, Broxbourne, and The Big Cat Sanctuary.

One Zoo Three is bringing straight to your home the hard work and passion that goes into the running of a zoo in a fun and educational way.

Tyler Whitnall, one of the siblings, said: "My brothers and I hope to inspire more children to become conservationists and get involved with protecting and learning more about nature and wildlife."

There will be 13 new 22-minute episodes of One Zoo Three this July on CBBC and BBC iPlayer, with more episodes coming later in the year and into 2023.

With hundreds of exotic animals at Paradise Wildlife Park, there is never a dull moment to learn something new and interesting.

One Zoo Three includes special features Cam’s Cam, Whose Poo? with Tyler, and even Ask Aaron, where viewers will learn more about the animals at the zoo and sanctuary through their various behaviours, antics and unique personalities.

In the opening episodes viewers will see the brothers compose a zoo musical, enjoy a sports day at the cat sanctuary, and reveal some of the many superpowers of the Hertfordshire zoo's animals.

With the constructions of Jaguar Jungle and Sun Bear Heights projects continuing to come to life throughout the brothers' filming, there is also a sense of excitement humming in the background as the newest additions are set to arrive in Hertfordshire.

The new series of One Zoo Three starts on CBBC at 5.35pm on Monday, July 11, with episodes two to four at the same time on Tuesday to Thursday. The series will also be available on BBC iPlayer.