A portable hammock that poses a risk of injury and a wetsuit that fails to keep people warm in cold water are among the products recalled by retailers this week.

Trading Standards has issued warnings about a number of items that should be returned to the place of purchase for a full refund.

Aldi has recalled its Adventuridge portable hammock range due to it being unsafe.

It poses a risk of injury as one seam at the head end of the fabric fails after limited use.

Customers can return the product to the nearest Aldi store for a full refund.

Product details
Adventuridge Portable Hammock with Stand sold by Aldi

Blue model barcode

Green model barcode

A wetsuit made by outdoor brand Trespass has been recalled due to safety fears.

It doesn't offer adequate thermal protection in cold water, which could mean people using the wetsuit in these conditions could become incapacitated by the cold and therefore at risk of drowning or becoming unwell due to hypothermia.

A temporary ban on the supply and display of the product has been put in place.

Product details
Trespass "DIVER" Men's Full Body Wetsuit

Batch No: PO00011174

Item No: MACLSMD10003

A range of inflatable paddleboards by iROCKER have been recalled as the products pose a risk of drowning as the use of substandard glue used over a five-month period during the manufacture of the boards could cause the seams to separate and deflate.

All affected customers should have been informed and have been offered new paddleboards.

Product details:
iROCKER Blackfin Paddleboards (Models V, X and XL)

Hobby / sports equipment - Stand-up inflatable paddleboards

Blackfin Model V, Blackfin Model X and Blackfin Model XL

Serial numbers:
All numbers starting with IR-TSEBF, Numbers between IR139020 and IR141685, Numbers between IR157500 and IR160165, Numbers between IR160500 and IR163165