Long live Wibbly Wobbly Lane is the message which more than 100 petition signatories want to send to road naming authorities in Hertfordshire.

Joshua, the creator of a Change.org petition, wants to change the road name Carters Lane to Wibbly Wobbly Lane - the original title for a track near Hitchin which links the A505 with the B665 Pirton Road.

He created the petition on Monday, August 29, and it has since garnered more than 150 signatures in its first three days online.

The Change.org petition reads: "Who decided it was a good idea to rename Wibbly Wobbly Lane in the first place?

"I bet they're fun at parties.

"I propose to whoever has the power to do so that we rename Carters Lane, between the A505 and Pirton Road, Wibbly Wobbly Lane effective immediately - as it once was, as it should be.

"Long live Wibbly Wobbly Lane."

The petition is online: https://bit.ly/3wNckK7