A special event to celebrate 60 years of the Jackmans estate has been organised for Bank Holiday Monday.

Construction of the estate began in 1959, with the first residents moving into their new homes from 1962 onwards.

Earlier this year, the One Museum was awarded National Lottery funding to discover the stories of residents.

Community curator Gill Ridings said: "We are celebrating 60 years of the estate, what is good and bad about living there and what aspirations residents have for the next 60 years.

"The common theme has been the strong sense of community and pride in the estate.

"Did you know the estate was based on the 1929 Radburn Estate, New Jersey, USA by American town planner Clarence Stein?

"The layout was to separate cars and people, creating housing areas within an estate connected by pedestrian walkways. The housing areas cover each letter of the alphabet and are named after priests of William parish, businessmen and local dignitaries. The only letters missing are X and Z!

"The development was one of many from the 1950s and an answer to a housing crisis; Letchworth Garden City was an inspirational place to live with good jobs, schools and community. Many residents have lived there all their lives."

The day of nostalgia will take place at Jackmans Community Centre from 11am to 5pm, and is free to enjoy.

These stories are part of a heritage display on the estate on Monday, August 29, with a 1960s feel - food, craft, objects, and music.

During the day there are also free dance and drama workshops for children to book onto.

The dance sessions are in the morning and cover all the decades from 1960s - 2000, running from 10am to 12noon for ages five to 12.

The drama workshop will run from 1pm to 3pm, for all ages and is based on the Jackmans Stories.

To book a dance or drama session in advance, email GRiding@letchworth.com or call 07598 193223.