A 10-year-old girl from Stotfold is preparing to chop her long locks to raise money for a Ukraine appeal.

Alice was so touched by the plight of Ukrainian refugees, that she decided she needed to do something to help.

Her selfless act of kindness will raise money towards World Vision UK's Ukraine Appeal. She will also donate her hair to The Little Princess Trust, which will go towards making a hair piece for poorly children.

Alice said: “I want to help the children in Ukraine because I can’t imagine how it feels going to sleep feeling I’m not safe and wondering if I’ll see my friends and family in the morning.”

World Vision’s multi-country response has helped more than 130,000 displaced people in Ukraine, Romania and Moldova since the conflict began.

World Vision is working closely with local organisations, faith-based groups and volunteers to deliver programmes including food, cash, shelter, child protection and psychosocial support.

The money raised from Alice’s haircut will go to support World Vision’s teams in Romania and Moldova.

Alice has invited her best friend for a sleepover on Friday, July 8, when her hairdresser will transform her long locks into a short bob.

A local baker, HB Bakes, has offered to make special cupcakes for the occasion.

“Initially Alice set a target of £50 but she’s raised around £280 and I’ve £15 in cash to add to that, so she is just short of £300 at the moment,” says mum Hannah.

This is not the first time Alice has had her hair cut for charity.

When she was just five she had extremely long hair and was told that, if it was cut, it could be used for wigs.

So, she grew it until it was long enough and had it chopped off for the Little Princess Trust – a charity that provides free wigs to children living with cancer. The locks she has chopped off next week will also be donated to the Little Princess Trust to be made into wigs.

To sponsor Alice, go to justgiving.com/fundraising/AlicePolson.

For more on World Vision UK’s Ukraine appeal, go to worldvision.org.uk.