Forests and woodlands can provide a calming natural environment to relax and enjoy.

The habitats also provide a home to a plethora of wildlife and plant species.

There is an abundance of forests and woods to choose from in Hertfordshire.

With that in mind, we've put together a list of some great woodland escapes from across the county.

1. Martin's Wood, Stevenage

%image(14516382, type="article-full", alt="Martin's Wood is located between Martins Way and Lingfield Road.")

Martin's Wood is a nature reserve in the heart of Stevenage.

The wooded area sits between Martins Way and Lingfield Road.

A children's play area is also present, on the edge of the woodland.

One Google reviewer, Helen Henry, said: "(It) Only takes 10 minutes or so to walk round but a special place to come, especially in the mornings."

2. Langley Wood, Sandridge

%image(14516383, type="article-full", alt="Langley Wood is described as ""a National Nature reserve of international importance".")

Langley Wood, near Sandridge, is a small part of the far larger Heartwood Forest.

Despite Heartwood Forest being largely newly planted, Langley Wood is an ancient woodland.

The area is described by the Woodland Trust as "a National Nature reserve of international importance for its variety of wildlife".

Oak, alder and lime trees can be found at the location.

3. Sherrardspark Wood, Welwyn Garden City

%image(14516384, type="article-full", alt="Sherrardspark Wood is both a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a Local Nature Reserve.")

Sherrardspark Wood is an ancient woodland located in the north-west of Welwyn Garden City.

The area was designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest in 1986.

The woodland is also a Local Nature Reserve, after being awarded the status in 1998.

Sherrardspark Wood covers 75 hectares, and features sessile oak and hornbeam trees.

4. Wymondley Wood, Letchworth

%image(14516385, type="article-full", alt="Wymondley Wood is used by walkers, cyclists, Scouts and Guides.")

Wymondley Wood was originally created as an education centre for managed groups, such as the Scouts or Guides.

It is still used for that purpose today, but is also open for both walkers and cyclists to enjoy.

The wood is located between the villages of Willian and Great Wymondley, near Letchworth.

A 20 acre conservation area is present, consisting of woodland, streams and ponds.

5. Blackwater Wood, near Hemel Hempstead

%image(14516386, type="article-full", alt="Blackwater Wood is a dense wooded area, that can be navigated by a series of paths.")

Blackwater Wood is located near the Centurion Club golf course, not far from Hemel Hempstead.

The wood is situated between Hemel Hempstead Road and Bedmond Road.

At the location, a dense wooded area is navigated by a network of paths.

One reviewer on Google Reviews, usernamed David, said: "A lovely walk; mixed species of old woodland trees, meadow flowers in open areas and if quiet you will catch sight of deer and wily old Mr fox!"

6. Northaw Great Wood, near Potters Bar

%image(14516387, type="article-full", alt="Northaw Great Wood has been a Site of Special Scientific Interest since 1985.")

Northaw Great Wood has been a Site of Special Scientific Interest since 1985.

The 216 hectare woodland was once part of a far larger Norman wood.

The ancient woodland is a local nature reserve, featuring birch, oak and hornbeam trees.

The area has also been used as part of the Outer London Anti-Tank Stop Line.

7. Tring Park, Tring

%image(14516388, type="article-full", alt="Tring Park has been named a Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Hertfordshire.")

Situated near the Tring Natural History Museum, both locations were once owned by the Rothschild family.

The Woodland Trust describe the location as "one of Hertfordshire’s most important ecological areas and one of the Woodland Trust’s most exciting and diverse sites."

Over 250 acres of dense woodland, open parkland and rare chalk grassland is located within the park's boundaries.

Tring Park has also been named a Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Hertfordshire.