As part of Enrichment Week, Year 7 and 8 students at The Saint John Henry Newman Catholic School in Stevenage got involved in 'creativity days' that celebrated the town and its diversity.

Students visited various locations in the town centre, including the visitor centre, new bus interchange, Junction 7 Creatives, Stevenage Borough Council's chambers and Stevenage Museum.

Activities included an 'art hunt', where pupils were tasked with spotting public artwork and sculptures and answering questions about them, a talk by a Stevenage Museum representative, and the opportunity to interview members of the public about their experiences of the town.

Year 7 students focused on producing a piece of work themed on the Stevenage pioneers, while Year 8 concentrated on the regeneration of the town centre.

A spokesman for the school explained: "Though we are proud to be a Stevenage school, there are many students in our community who do not live in the town. It was therefore really important to us that the trip would make them more curious about Stevenage.

"Through the carefully chosen activities, we wanted our students to reflect on the pioneering attitude of first people to come to Stevenage; to learn about the regeneration project and how it will impact students’ lives; to celebrate Stevenage and community; to celebrate diversity and inclusion; to increase students’ cultural capital; to encourage students to be proud of where they live and go to school and to encourage children to invest in their own communities."

Deputy headteacher Mr Anderson said: “Being from Stevenage and knowing the strengths of the town and what it can offer, I feel it is important our students are made aware of these too.

"It was great that the students researched the history of the town, its pioneers and how innovative it was as a New Town in the 1950s and still is today."

Creativity subject leader Ms Cummins added: “During the Stevenage Creativity Days, our students excelled at using their creativity skills, both in the town centre and back in school. They were motivated and curious and were able to ask pertinent questions of themselves and of others."