Social enterprise, Wenta, has teamed up with Stevenage Borough Council to support SMEs to reach net zero.

Wenta has launched an affordable net zero emissions service for small businesses, and partnered with the council to support 100 businesses in reducing their carbon footprint.

Small and medium sized businesses in Stevenage now have the chance to snap up a free, Zero Gold subscription - worth over £143 per year - to the new Net Zero service.

The first 100 businesses to subscribe will get access to Wenta’s top level subscription, Zero Gold, which is aimed at helping business owners to reduce their carbon footprint in a simple and practical way.

The Zero Gold subscription includes exclusive climate change and net zero webinars, access to Wenta's experienced net zero and business advice team, and to its exclusive carbon foot-printing tool

Action Zero forms part of Stevenage Borough Council’s work to get the town to net zero emissions by 2030.

Ed Jordan, Wenta’s chief executive, said: “While there is a lot of support for big businesses to reduce their carbon footprint, very little is out there for small business owners to reduce theirs.

"Action Zero is here for every type of small business owner and is packed with sustainable, social and commercial benefits.

"Having launched the service just one week ago, our partnership with Stevenage Borough Council will mean local businesses get to be first in line to reduce their carbon footprint.”

Claim your free subscription now. If you are a business in Stevenage that would like to claim a free Zero Gold subscription (there are just 100 subscriptions available on a first-come, first-served basis), contact Wenta’s Net Zero business advice team on 01438 310020 or email quoting the code: STEVENAGEGOLD.

For more information on Action Zero, visit