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SIR – I was saddened to read in last week s Comet about the proposal to close the Urology Ward at the Lister Hospital. During the last two years I have been grateful for the expertise and dedication of the specialist team of consultants and nurses who run

SIR - I was saddened to read in last week's Comet about the proposal to close the Urology Ward at the Lister Hospital. During the last two years I have been grateful for the expertise and dedication of the specialist team of consultants and nurses who run this excellent department.

In the few months before an operation in November 2004, I received excellent help and advice from a consultant and a couple of specialist nurses. Waiting time was short, both for a series of diagnostic tests and for the operation itself. Following the initial operation, complications made it necessary for me to be admitted another three times for follow-up surgery, but on each occasion I was similarly impressed with the treatment I received. During a difficult three months of recovery, help and advice from a specialist nurse was only a phone call away, and indeed that service is still available if I need it.

I have friends outside the area who have been sent to the Lister's Urology Department by their doctors because of its reputation for excellence. Comparing notes with friends in more distant parts of the UK, they have all been impressed with my description of the treatment I received at the Lister.

From time to time we hear politicians telling us about patient choice concerning which hospital we go to for out treatment. Promises of choice seem only empty electioneering rhetoric when we then discover the best choice is axed.


York Road

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SIR - I read in today's Comet that the stroke unit at the Lister Hospital is relocating to the QEII at Welwyn Garden City. My husband was in the Lister after a stroke for nearly six months and I do not drive. How in heaven's name does Mr Carver think I would visit week in, week out? Do these people ever consider the patients?

I shall be writing to Mr Carver and Mr Oliver Heald to express my concern and anger over these proposals.


SIR - Regarding the closing of the stroke unit in ward 7B of the Lister Hospital and moving it to the QEII Hospital at Welwyn Garden City, my wife spent three months in the ward last year after a stroke and the way the staff looked after her was brilliant. I used to visit her nearly every day and saw how they looked after all their patients. Sister Chugg and her staff plus the physiotherapists worked very hard looking after the patients. To shut down a ward of that quality is a disgrace.


Gun Road Gardens


SIR - Closure of Urology ward at the Lister, I had to have a kidney operation in July 2004 and it was thanks to the outstanding surgeon, Mr Hanbury and his team and the superb nursing staff on Ward 7A that I recovered so well and so quickly.

It seems utter madness to diminish this excellent standard of care by closing the Urology ward, I do so hope that it does not happen.



SIR - I am a medical secretary and I would like to add that the Trust is informing the public that it is only seeking voluntary redundancies and it should not really affect the ones who remain.

They have forgotten to mention that those who remain have had all their hours cut drastically, so it is going to be impossible to do the job anyway. The people who are going to suffer are the public with no middle man to talk to.

Unfortunately, these cuts will generate more management jobs to manage us, in addition to the army we already have. We know this system will fail because checking India's mistakes is going to be impossible.

Savings can be made within the NHS, which everyone knows, but why are we always protecting the ones at the top while the people having to suffer are those who do the worthwhile job helping our public.



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