Want to earn 4.43% on your savings? Synergy Income could be the investment plan for you

Relax with a monthly income plan currently paying 4.43%* net in the first year

Relax with a monthly income plan currently paying 4.43%* net in the first year - Credit: Submitted

Synergy Financial Products brings to you Synergy Income, an investment plan that pays a stable monthly income, currently 4.43%* net in the first year.

Synergy'’s new look management team (from left): Ben Pears, Mark Turner, Alan Hubbard, Steve Wyatt a

Synergy'’s new look management team (from left): Ben Pears, Mark Turner, Alan Hubbard, Steve Wyatt and Julian Wolf - Credit: Submitted

By smoothing dividends we collect from twenty carefully selected FTSE100 companies we are able to pay you a stable monthly income directly to your bank account. The Plan’s main features include:

• Stable Monthly Income

We will tell you the level of income you will receive each Plan year – your monthly income will be fixed and recalculated every year on the anniversary of your Plan.

• 4.43%* net in year 1

The exact level of income you receive will be calculated o nyour investment date.

• Invests in FTSE100 shares

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We invest in twenty FTSE100 shares selected by Synergy’s Investment Committee. We pick shares with strong dividend track records and future potential.

• Transparent charges

There are no hidden costs and our low charges are clearly shown.

Looking for a stable monthly income from your savings?

Looking for a stable monthly income from your savings? - Credit: Submitted

Synergy’s Investment Committee, which has over 95 years-worth of expertise, oversees the selection of shares which form the Plan’s Investment Portfolio. The Plan currently invests into household names listed on the FTSE100 such as Marks & Spencer, Sky and HSBC.

To discover more about the Plan’s Investment Portfolio visit www.synergyincome.co.uk

If you are tired of the low returns available from savings accounts, looking for a fixed income and prepared to invest for the long-term, then Synergy Income could be for you.

Open a Plan today at www.synergyincome.co.uk/the-plan/overview/

Risk Warnings

The level of income and the value of your investments can go down as well as up, and is not guaranteed.

Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

We do not provide financial advice, if you are unsure about the suitability of the Plan please seek professional financial advice.

About Synergy

Synergy Financial Products Limited (Synergy) has been trading for over 30 years, offering a range of packaged insurance and investment products in the United Kingdom. The company, based in St Albans, currently administers over £90m of assets, has around 18,000 customers and has looked after many more since its services began in 1984.

Historically offering their products via intermediaries the company has recently launched a new investment income plan aimed at retail investors. Their step into the retail market has followed a period of heavy investment by its shareholders, the latter of which includes Aviva through one of their subsidiary companies.

Alan Hubbard, Chief Executive, commented, “This is an exciting time for Synergy and retail investors, as we look to offer low cost solutions for their investment needs. Our newly launched monthly income plan, the Synergy Lifetime Income Plan, is specifically designed for investors looking for a stable monthly income over the long term. Our innovative approach means that we have minimised our administration costs and as a result we can pass that saving onto our customers. With current income levels above 4% p.a. net we’ve already seen a lot of interest in the new Plan.”

Synergy is increasingly becoming a hub of financial services innovation. It has recently outsourced its administration and operational services to Outsourced Professional Administration Limited (OPAL), another St Albans-based company, allowing its employees to focus on delivering innovative and customer driven investment solutions.

In the longer term, its focus is to develop and deliver a range of low-cost investment plans aimed at retail investors who can’t afford or don’t want to pay the high cost associated with financial advice.

In the last 12 months the company has appointed Ben Pears as head of investment strategy, Mark Turner as compliance officer and Julian Wolf as the company’s financial controller, to complement the existing director of operations, Steve Wyatt and chief executive, Alan Hubbard.

To see Synergy’s new monthly income plan visit


Synergy Financial Products Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

*Source: SFPL. Income rate calculated at close of the FTSE100 on 4th November 2015 and is net of charges.