VIDEO: The Breachwood Green song – revisited

Nick, pictured after a snowy training run, is doing the 2015 London Marathon for St John Ambulance.

Nick, pictured after a snowy training run, is doing the 2015 London Marathon for St John Ambulance. - Credit: Archant

There’s a village in Hertfordshire called Breachwood Green. It’s not very big, because it’s a village.

That opening line to Paul B Edwards’ famous anthem – if you’ve been to one of his gigs, that is – came alive at the weekend as I trundled through the village on my 15-mile run.

The Hitchin comedian’s song is something of an institution in some circles and on my first ‘visit’ to Breachwood Green I can indeed confirm that ‘it’s not very big’.

The same can be said for Chiltern Green which followed and many of the other hamlets – not villages – that I encountered along the way.

But my word did that hill by New Mill End look steep, turning right on to the cycle path back towards Luton on the Harpenden Road before I got there filled me with relief.

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Of course, the majority of what I’ve written above probably reads as a load of nonsense to most, which is actually my point.

By anyone’s definition, 15 miles is a pretty long way to run and it never ceases to amaze me how far you can go and how much you can discover while in marathon training.

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Since I stepped up the mileage at the turn of the year I’ve already gone on runs through North Herts’ beautiful countryside which have included routes taking in Lilley, Offley, Wallington, Sandon and the like – and there’s plenty more exploring still to be done.

Today my brother-in-law Chris and soon to be training partner – he’s doing the Manchester Marathon a week before London – suggested doing an 18-miler around Grafham Water. After getting my bearings – it’s north of St Neots, if you were wondering – I agreed, and will look forward to tackling that in a few weeks’ time.

Sorry, ‘look forward’ was the wrong word, although it’s not far from the truth.

I’m sure it will be an eye opener, all the same, and maybe afterwards I’ll even write a song about it. But, to be clear, there will be no dancing involved.

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