Twitter Profile: Nick Gill

Letchworth Garden City reporter who loves Tottenham Hotspur and his mum’s lasagne

Name: Nick Gill

Job title: Reporter

Area covered: Letchworth GC (as we say at The Comet)

Favourite story: Sleeping rough in Stevenage for a feature (honest)

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Best thing about being a journalist: Never knowing what you’ll be writing about next week, using shorthand as a party trick and not having to apologise for being pernickety about grammar

Worst thing about being a journalist: Being eternally disappointed with my monthly pay cheque

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Favourite TV programmes: Match of the Day/anything on Sky Sports 1,2,3,4, etc. with Friends and The Apprentice occasionally thrown in

Favourite football/rugby team: Massive Tottenham Hotspur fan, Stevenage FC too when not otherwise occupied

Favourite food: Mum’s lasagne

Describe yourself in three words: Just not possible

If you were not a reporter what would you be: A professional footballer, according to my dad

Twitter username: Journo_NickGill

Tweets about: All things Letchworth GC, Stevenage FC, traffic chaos and the local arts scene

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