The right way to treat a child?

SIR – As Store General Manager of Morrison s in Letchworth, I would like to respond to the article that appeared in your publication on August 3 titled Noisy baby claim drives mum from café . Here at Morrison s we pride ourselves on offering our shoppers

SIR - As Store General Manager of Morrison's in Letchworth, I would like to respond to the article that appeared in your publication on August 3 titled 'Noisy baby claim drives mum from café'.

Here at Morrison's we pride ourselves on offering our shoppers the very best in customer service. We take it very seriously when one of our customers is unhappy with the service or experience that they have encountered at our store.

Morrison's is a family friendly store and we actively encourage mothers and children to shop with us. We have special kids' meals in the café and we have just launched 'More4Baby', our brand new free-to-join parent and baby club which aims to help support parents through their first two years of parenthood.

We value all our loyal customers and have written to the Jonas family asking them to return to the store so that we can discuss and hopefully come to a resolution on this matter.


Store General Manager

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Morrison's Letchworth

SIR - I have just read the latest edition of The Comet and I had to write and say how disgusted I was at the treatment given to Gemma Jonas and her daughter Summer when they went into Morrison's.

I too am a mum of a toddler and when a child is expected to wait for 45 minutes for something to eat, yes they do get fractious. How can someone tell Gemma that a one year old has no excuse to behave like that, what a pathetic comment to make.

My suggestion to Morrison's is to reinstall the play area for children so that they have something to occupy them and maybe some of the managers need lessons in customer service and also lessons on how not to be rude and patronising.

I for one will never use Morrison's cafe to feed my children, especially if as the manager said kids are not welcome here.


Austen Paths


SIR - Noisy baby drives mum from café, I was interested to read the article by Louise McEvoy about a young mother vowing never to go to Morrison's again because of her crying baby complaints. Well done to the manager and to all the people who complained about the noise.

I am sick of going to cafés/restaurants/supermarkets and other places where babies and children are allowed to grizzle and cry while the parents just ignore them. Sometimes babies and children do not want to be dragged around supermarkets last thing at night or early morning, this is just selfishness on the part of the parent, doing what they want to do.

I do not agree with the manager asking if the child had special needs, but I do think he was right to ask her to leave. People want a quiet drink or something to eat and not to have to listen to kids endlessly screaming.

I wish more places would do the same thing.


Farthing Drive