The BNP is 'love'

SIR - Another election and another hate filled diatribe by a Comet reporter attacking the BNP. I don t mind criticism when it is deserved but Louise McEvoy does not begin to understand the policies and objects of the BNP. Simply, the BNP values and loves

SIR - Another election and another hate filled diatribe by a Comet reporter attacking the BNP.

I don't mind criticism when it is deserved but Louise McEvoy does not begin to understand the policies and objects of the BNP.

Simply, the BNP values and loves the British people, their culture, their traditions, their history and their identity. These things we wish to preserve. Today our fight is a political one but in World Wars I and II our forefathers laid down their lives for the same cause. McEvoy obviously believes that these heroes were fools.

I can understand that McEvoy sees no value in the British nation. After all she is very young and has never experienced the wonderful, happy and integrated race that we used to be not so many years ago. Then you could walk down the street at night without a fear from muggers and loutish teenagers. People left their doors unlocked for burglary was a rare occurrence, not the norm as it is today. McEvoy states that the BNP is 'sinister' in wishing to preserve these happier days. Sinister. How come?

Ok, McEvoy sees no value in the British people and the British identity. Fair enough, we are all different. But why does she need to attack so vehemently and so viciously those people who do value Britishness.

I realise that I am wasting my time in explaining the BNP to McEvoy but I will attempt to clear up some of her more obvious misunderstandings.

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The BNP is based upon 'love' - the love of the British nation. We have no hatred for foreigners. We simply think that Britain is full. Government figures predict an increase of the UK population by 40 per cent by the year 2051 while the indigenous population diminishes by 30%. Thus all housing developments, including the 16,000 houses proposed by Stevenage, are purely the result of this immigrant explosion.

The BNP is not homophobic. It is the Koran that states that homosexuals should be stoned to death.

The BNP is a democratic party and totally believes in democracy.

It would appear that it is McEvoy who does not believe in democracy. If she gained her wish the BNP would be banned and those voters who value the British identity would be deprived of representation. So who is the Fascist?


N Herts and Stevenage BNP Organiser

SIR - Louise McEvoy's article agitating against the British National Party in The Comet of May 8 is no doubt in line with popular feeling.

Some of the issues which Louise thinks we should explore to turn the public against the BNP include anti-Semitism, Nazism, and holocaust denial. Whilst there being no evidence for these accusations should not prevent us making them, the many Jewish BNP members and councillors may take exception.

Our own Labour government has introduced all manner of racist programmes, from racially exclusive media and business awards, to racially targeted support for voluntary organisations and through its Young Black Leaders scheme, has become the first British Government to instigate racially segregated schooling in Britain. Apartheid here we come!

I can find no evidence of the British National Party supporting any of these racially divisive policies. Such policies as it does have relating to race deal with the rights of native people in their homeland and are fully in accordance with the United Nations charter on human rights. Many native peoples pursue similar policies, for which there is tremendous support from the international community.

The BNP policy of voluntary assisted repatriation is something else which should disgust the public, however if the economy continues to sink into recession, even the immigrants will soon be voting BNP in a desperate attempt to get the funding to leave the sinking ship. On the plus side, Louise has wisely chosen not to say fascist when discussing the BNP. With important legislation such as detention without charge for 42 days currently going through parliament, we certainly do not want words like fascism being bandied about! So how do we guide the public to think in the right way about the BNP? Clearly the policy of "no platform" for the BNP has failed. The public vote for them anyway and besides it just makes all the rest of us look like sulking children.

However, I know it is old politics, but we could try letting the public hear what the BNP say and debating it with them in an adult manner. Who knows? The people may just surprise us!


School House



SIR - Why people vote for the BNP, blame the politicians who will not have an open debate on our immigration polices for the rise of the BNP. We do need rules and limits in place for the amount of people coming into this country at the expense of the British tax payer. It is okay for the likes of Louise McEvoy to say that no right minded person would vote for the BNP, but people have been left frustrated by this open number of people that are allowed into this country.

The stories that we hear through the press of Polish people claiming for children who do not even live in this country, yet the British tax payer can not get a NHS dentist or treatment for Alzheimer's or cancer.

If you come into Britain and claim asylum you get all these things paid for you, if a British person goes to claim benefit we are told to go away and fill out this form but asylum seekers get help with translators and are told what to claim for, they get to jump the housing queue. We have always had immigrants coming into this country and it has had a positive effect, but it does need to be checked and limited.

All decent people will continue to fight the urge to vote for the BNP, but the day might come when we have no choice and feel we have to make a stand.


Drakes Drive