Testimonial 2011: Pam Bell

Testimonial by Pam Bell, who nominated Heather Good for the Service to the Community Award

Pam Bell, who nominated Heather Good for the Service to the Community Award, said: “Just to say thank you for my tickets and to all concerned for the Award ceremony/buffet on Friday, and to say how pleased I am that Heather Good was chosen as the winner for her category of Service to the Community following my nomination.

“She was very touched to receive it - but I must say she is a very worthy winner - as were all the nominees of all the categories. She managed to hold it together and answer all of David Croft’s questions even though she was so emotionally charged, and went on to campaign all evening with the Comet staff and other dignitaries and guests about the value of the service Headway provides for people after they have been abandoned by the NHS following their various forms of head injury - she just never stops, yet always has such a good sense of humour - her quip was that she never thought she’d make a page 3 girl! (even if it was in The Comet and not The Sun)

“I thought David did a brilliant job and interviewed the nominees very well (a nice mix of empathy and humour) so they could explain how they had come to be nominated. (It would have been nice to have had a very brief summary of the 2nd and 3rd’s cases too, but I guess there just wasn’t time). There were some very poignant stories, so it is good of the Comet to bring these to light and acknowledge the dedication of all these people.

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