Tanya’s story


Tanya - Credit: Archant

Tanya’s story:

I am a survivor of domestic violence which lasted 24 years in all and covered three different relationships.

My first relationship was when I was only 18. By the time I was 24, I had two children aged six and four.

My ex-partner came down from Scotland and attacked my children by cutting their necks with a knife. I had a court order and police alarm in my flat, however the police removed the alarm at 8am and this happened at 8pm the same day.

My two children nearly died at the scene with serious neck wounds, and my ex partner took his own life..

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This was 19 years ago and still haunts me every day. I have had two long term relationships since then, both very violent. I moved to Stevenage in September this year to flee yet again for the safety of my children. What happened to me and my children left me a wreck, vulnerable and changed me as a person.

I fled to Stevenage in the hope of keeping my family safe, however once again the right to parental responsibility means he has already located my children’s school.

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Since I have moved to Stevenage I have had excellent support from Tania Stokes, the domestic abuse worker from Stevenage Borough Council. I joined the Stevenage Forum group and, for the first time in all these years, I feel validated and feel like I am being heard. After care, support and protection are a must and I hope that we can help give that.

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