Students run a market stall to promote their innovative idea

STUDENTS from North Hertfordshire College have been running a market stall in Hitchin Market to promote their work.

Business and travel and tourism students are taking part in the initiative to promote their charity, Pants To Poverty. What they are working towards is a paid trip to India for the group that wins the Pants To Poverty award, to visit the cotton farms where the products are originally sourced from and get an insight into how things are done and produced.

Carlene Reed, head of curriculum for travel and tourism, said: “This is a great opportunity for students to get an insight into the real working world.”

After looking around the market and seeing how the students are working, we spoke to a selection of the students to find out how they were getting on.

Sian Andrews said: “I really loved creating the product and working with everyone to sell the product to members of the public.”

Bikram Kailey said: “I enjoy this course because it is has taught me how to run a business, and now I know what to look for and also what to expect.”

April Nathan added: “After all of this I am a lot more grateful for what I have, but also I’ve had the opportunity to help and work for the needy.”

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Jack Linford said learning new skills was something he really enjoyed doing.

“This course is helping me achieve this, but it has also given me a great confidence boost and helped develop my social skills,” he added.

So as you can see, the students are having a great time in all of what they are doing inside and outside of the college, and staff have have helped them be able to achieve all of this.

Without their input into all of this, the project wouldn’t have gone forward.