Solutions to a parking problem

With reference to the front page article On the verge , while Letchworth Garden City has an increasing problem of parking, there is no doubt a case for additional lay-bys to be added in particular trouble spots. However one of the historical difficulties

With reference to the front page article 'On the verge', while Letchworth Garden City has an increasing problem of parking, there is no doubt a case for additional lay-bys to be added in particular trouble spots.

However one of the historical difficulties in the town is that there are many roads that are just that little bit too narrow to accommodate parked cars and passing traffic, in particular heavy goods vehicles. The council refuse trucks being probably the largest vehicles to traverse our streets on a regular basis and by virtue of that fact are one of the biggest causes of verge erosion in the town. Most other large trucks are directed via the larger roads to the industrial or retail areas without problem. The fact remains that it is difficult to get large vehicles around and surely one solution is to widen the roads by moving out the existing kerbs, block-paving along the edges into the verges to a depth of two feet then replace the kerbs. This way most cars would then be parked further from the road centre leaving more space for passing vehicles.

While initially this may be an expensive option, it would retain much of the grass verges in the town, its infringement into the verges would in most cases not affect the beautiful trees we have. The off-shoot to the council is that the costs of grass cutting will be reduced (remember how keen they were on that a couple of years ago?) As for knee high barriers along the road sides, these are not effective as when parked near them car doors cannot be opened, thus the vehicles if anything remain slightly further out in the road!

BARRIE C WOODS, Eastern Way, Letchworth Garden City

* I would like to comment on the recent article regarding concreting areas of verge that are currently heavily damaged.

I cannot speak about all the areas concerned, but have phoned various council departments in the past regarding Icknield Way. I disagree wholeheartedly with the proposed concreting idea and have previously asked about wooden posts being installed. This would enable the verges to be repaired and then kept in good condition as vehicles would not be able to damage them, also the overall garden city image would then be kept. Concreting areas would only move the damage to other parts of the verge as people jump on the bandwagon and verge park when the concreted areas are full-up! I have been trying to get the council to issue parking tickets to people who verge park and cause damage along Icknield Way, but to no avail. Surely pursuing the necessary motion to be granted from local authorities to enable parking tickets to be issued would be a major deterrent to the parkers who cause all this unsightly damage.

Most Read

I really do hope the council installs posts and arranges parking tickets rather than chuck concrete everywhere?

Mr A HOPKINS, Address supplied

* NHDC and Letchworth Garden City have a dilemma. More people want cars and therefore parking spaces and at the same time they want green and pleasant land to live in. Fortunately, I believe there is a solution.

1. The present green verges, already an eyesore, should be converted into beds of evergreen shrubs, surrounded by rocks or the motorists will inevitably run over them.

2. Behind the shrub beds would be single direction slip road parking with one-way entrances and exits to ease access and parking.

3. Behind this is the footpath, which may have to be narrowed.

Eventually the shrubs would screen the cars and if parking areas were paved with those brick like sets, it would all be most attractive and improve the all round ambience.

Inevitably there is a cost but this should be met by the residents concerned by purchasing a residents parking permit, which would also assure them of a parking space and keep the roads more free and attractive.

Of course there will be objections, people always want good facilities for nothing, but if they want to preserve the pleasant character of the roads, the Garden City, and have a parking space, then they must make a contribution towards it.

RONALD UNGER, Cambridge Mews, Hitchin Street, Baldock

* I read Mr Bain's letter in last week's Comet with a sinking heart.

Yes, Letchworth Garden City has problems, but remember that other towns face far worse difficulties.

Mr Bain is clearly an intelligent man, let him adopt a positive view and take part in actually improving our town. He should become a Town or Letchworth District Councillor, and help to make life better for all our residents.

JOHN BARRY, Wyrley Dell, Letchworth Garden City